Tuesday, April 3, 2007

GynoCult Pins

GynoCult is getting pins made so we can give them to our "fans," and by "fans" I mean we're going to force our friends to prick celebrities in subways with them.

These are some pin ideas I've been ignoring customers at my job for. Many were inspired by Journal Square.

GynoCult: We make house calls.
GynoCult: Disease free since 2009.
GynoCult: Get vaccinated.
GynoCult: Hot on the outside, cold on the inside.
GynoCult: Go suck on an egg!*
GynoCult: Prove us wrong.
GynoCult: Wet on the outside, dry on the inside.
GynoCult: Dead on the outside, alive on the inside.
GynoCult: Sub-Saharan Africa Tour 2007.
GynoCult: GynoCult wants to rape you.
GynoCult: GynoCult believes in government mandated sterilization.

Chris told me we should put a picture of a butt on it. But I think we're going to keep it classy and have an anus instead.


* I like this one because I'm trying to bring this phrase back to 2007 AND I NEED EVERYONE'S HELP! From now on, instead of telling someone to F off, say, "Go suck on an egg!" Now that's an insult my mom would approve of!


Anonymous said...

Gynocult: Flaps of Yum!

Gynocult: dicks and pussies, no assholes.

Gynocult: All Up In It In '07!

Gynocult: Kegels. Biatches.

Gynocult: Have you had your examination?

Gynocult: 'Gina Almighty!

Gynocult: No Manginas.

Gynocult: Tight Like A Fist!

Gynocult: Fall Into The Gap.

Gynocult: Tastes good because it's good for me!

Gynocult: Me likey!

Gynocult: Delicious.

Gynocult: You don't have to be hung, but it would be pretty sweet.

Gynocult: As dirty as I make you.

Gynocult: Your bowl of soggy oatmeal keeps shit on the regular and in check.

Gynocult: The doctor is in.

Gynocult: Sterilization optional.

Gynocult: "Give me your sperms"

And pictures of a butt/anus encircled with a diagonal slash through it would be more appropriate, for a "gynocult", no?

Anonymous said...

I do!