Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Melissa Gras Tonight!

Hey every​one,​

Screw​ Mardi​ Gras tonight​.​ Come celeb​rate me and masks​ inste​ad!​

Melis​sa'​s BabyH​ole Birth​day Masqu​erade​!​
Tuesd​ay,​ Febru​ary 24th,​ 9:00 pm, Free

Featu​ring the House​ of Leave​s and more!​ About​ 8 open mic slots​.​

If you don't have a mask, I'll have extras of my face for everyone to wear.

The Lamp Post
382 2nd Stree​t
Jerse​y City,​ NJ

Sunday, February 22, 2009

So what's the deal with your Ghost Tour, Melissa?

I love going on Ghost Tours and sometimes plan my vacations around them. Sometimes my traveling companions are jerks and don't let me go because they think it'll be stupid, but I always enjoy them. My favorites were in Chicago and Key West. My least favorite was Beaufort, North Carolina, because they tricked us. While telling a story in the cemetery, they blew an air horn to scare us. What a dirty trick!

Since Jersey City doesn't have a ghost tour, I'm developing one for it. I've done a lot of research at the library. I've read every Weird NJ, newspaper clipping, NJ ghost book, and contacted some NJ Paranormal Societies as well as JC Landmarks Conservancy. I've looked at every unsubstantiated website too, which was very tedious and frustrating.

Though there's lots of horror stories in Jersey City, there's very little information on ghosts. However, I've pretty much mapped out the locations I'll include, and I'll start doing in-depth research. I plan on doing this by researching the particular sites, including the families or inmates or deaths and building histories and conducting interviews with people who work or live there. I already have some old maps.

But I need your help. Do you have any personal experiences with ghosts in Jersey City? Have you seen, heard or felt something in Jersey City? Please let me know. Can I interview you? We won't have to let your name out if you don't want to.

I plan on conducting the first tour in March or April, when the weather gets nice enough.

Thank you,
Melissa Surach

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Did you see a ghost? Do you live with a ghost? Are you married to a ghost?

I'm working on my Jersey City Ghost Tour and I could use your help.

If you've had a paranormal experience in Jersey City, please let me know about it. I might include your story on my tour! I won't use your name if you don't want me to. Me and my ghostie friends will investigate your haunted house, too.

I'm especially interested in stories at or around these sites: The Beacon/The Old Jersey City Medical Center, McGinley Square (especially around the Reformed Church or cemeteries), The Courthouse, The Hudson River, The Palisades, The Jersey Journal building, The Jersey City Cemetery and Dead Man's Tunnel, and anything around Paulus Hook.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

So this is a sketch I made for Valentine's Day. You can vote on it if you think it's funny.

Can you tell that I did everything? It took a long time and reshooting because I'm bad at lighting, and especially judging how it looks in the view finder.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jersey City Ghost Tour!

Hey everyone,

I'm starting a Jersey City Ghost Tour in March, when the weather gets nicer. I'll also do a folklore/local legend tour.

Right now I'm working on catching up with all this fancy technology and working on the website and research.

If you have any Jersey City ghost stories, email me and you'll be the best.


Monday, February 2, 2009

BabyHole tomorrow night! Superbowel!

Go sports! Thanks for coming out to BabyHole. This is just a quick reminder that tomorrow night's another SuperBowel.

BabyHole Open Mic
Tuesday, February 3rd, 9:00 pm, FREE!

Featuring reggae jam by Roland Ramos.

Stupid poetry by Saint Patrick.

It's like a Waterbug reunion except less violent. Let's hope no one tries to rip my nose off.

We also have about 8 open mic slots. Last week the open mic list filled up before I even got there. Yowzers!

Hosted by me, Melissa Surach.

The Lamp Post
382 2nd Street
Jersey City, NJ

About five blocks from the Grove Street PATH station.