Friday, April 20, 2007

Who wants to get me pregnant as an act of Civil Disobedience?

Even though I'm in a man-hating mood tonight, I want to get knocked up, preferably by an ugly loser who I don't care about. He can be really old and fat, too. I don't care. He can even have AIDS, because IF I CAN'T HAVE LATE-TERM ABORTIONS, WHAT WILL I LIVE FOR? BABIES? YUCK!

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the big giant abortion ban that doesn't even have an exception for the life of the woman. This proves that the prevailing ideology in the US values a man's seed more than a woman's life. Besides, the US needs baby machines to supply little tiny soldiers for the wars that we start.

SO, let's have an abortion. I've been trying for some time, but I just can't conceive, mostly because when guys do me, they use as much protection as possible, like 5 condoms saran wrap and duct tape for some reason.

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