Sunday, April 29, 2007

Closing act for April's BlackHole: COPS!

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to blog ALL WEEK because I'm not allowed to at my job anymore (we had a staff meeting about it) and Verizon won't even answer my phone calls anymore so I still don't have internet at home.

Last Wednesday was one of the best BlackHole shows I've ever done. There was stand up, musical comedy, a magician who swallowed razor blades, obscene testicular poetry--and the closing band was Coffin Daggers, who rocked so hard that I am not allowed to have a closing band anymore because some stupid wasp called the cops and closed the show down. That person is such a square and probably never gets laid.

The line up for April 25th was:
Jessica Delfino
Vince Averill
Alexander the Poet
Mike O'Rourke
Stuart Palm
Coffin Daggers

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I didn't get to play my classical-music-stand-up act like I'd planned because the show was overbooked and I didn't have time. But next time I'll make sure not to over book it. So far, the line up for next month includes Mike Burns, Sue Ball, and Stuckey and Murray.

From now on, I plan on taping BlackHole, editing it down to a half an hour, and showing it on public access, (like Art House) and internet.

If you are stuck up and don't want to come to Jersey City to see my show, remember this: Nothing in Manhattan is up-and-coming anymore, and it's gotten so homogeneous that you have to go to horrible places like Jersey City to see new things, or maybe Queens or Brooklyn.

My butt still hurts.

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