Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You don't even want to know kind of bugs ate me.

Yesterday I went to do a quick calendar shoot in a garbage can. Eric Brown, the photographer, had a nice garbage can at his house. But it was too small, so we had to borrow his neighbor's. It was still a little small, but I crammed my knees inside. It's hard to find a good-sized garbage can!

It was a good shoot, and Eric has the coolest house out of everyone I know, and the cat that lives there is a model (it was JZ's cat in a photoshoot). But after shooting outside at dusk, in a garbage can, by a watery park, I am covered in slough of weird bug bites, some of which I've never seen before. There's a constellation of tiny blisters on the top of my foot. Gross, but beautiful.

Tonight I'm interviewing Steve Fulop. I think I'm going to call my interview series, "Talkin' to Important People." I need to decide this afternoon.

I'm also going to pick up a big vodka bottle as a prop. Surprisingly, I don't have one at my house.

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