Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BabyHole Award Poll!'s the BabyHole Award Poll!

BabyHole Awards are to honor the people who sign up for the open mic and make BabyHole such a great place to be. Featured bands and comedians will also be honored.

The polls close on midnight, Sunday, September 14th. The Award Show will be on Tuesday, September 16th at The Lamp Post in Jersey City.

So be a dear and vote, okay? Just click on the link below. (I know it's not the most sophisticated poll. Maybe next year I'll grow up.)


There are other categories up for grabs, but you can't vote for them because I could easily quantify them in my head and they already have winners. They include Most Latino, Most Racist, Musical Pixie and Best Attendance. I am open to more suggestions, as long as I can do the math in my head.

How did people get nominated? Firstly, they signed up for the open mic. Secondly, someone nominated them. Thirdly, I edited the list to people who I thought were the Babyiest-Holiest (not really only 2 people nominated legitimate people).

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