Monday, August 25, 2008

Job Interviews

I had two job interviews today. I wore the nicest clothes I could find: A cardigan from high school, a shirt from the Salvation Army, some pants from the garbage, and shoes from Target. The first interview went really well. I rescheduled the other one. It was for a temp agency and I need to refresh my office skills before I take a test, and besides, I'm busy! That's why I'm blogging.

I've spent my entire afternoon working on the Pride video. So far, I've logged about half of it. We got a lot of B Roll. I haven't edited video in a few years and I forgot how tedious and time consuming it is. I'm like five hours away from the rawest rough cut, and I still have to do voice overs. I am so bored. Also, I binged on expired chocolate from the Dollar Store while working on it.

I have to go shoot some calendar soon. This is a busy week. I wish I could get paid for it. Can't I cash in artistic merit?

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