Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not Famous Yet

I got a text message yesterday from my friend Kerri Pussy Knife. It said, "Saw you in the Current. You're a celebrity now!" I responded, "Wha??"

The Current, and The Jersey City Reporter, and up until last week, JC List and other online forums, will not print or mention anything about my shows. It's a combination of being wary of the term "BabyHole" and bad journalism. As a matter of fact, I had to lie about the name of my show just to get it listed in The Current. It's printed as B.H. Open Mic.

But after a successful year of BabyHoles, I've gained some credibility, and the managing editor finally sent me a response saying that they might be sending someone to cover my event soon. So I was surprised when I got a text saying that it was printed already. Not even an email interview? No request for photos? Wha??

I sent my boyfriend out for a beer and Current run. I requested a few for my press kit. He called me at the store to laugh at me.

I'm glad he picked up the beer. I opened the paper, and there I was, on page 2. There was blurb about me doing a comedy event at The Lamp Post beneath a lo-res picture of me from over a year ago at someone's apartment, I think. I've never seen that picture before, I don't know where or when it was taken, it was blurry, and I certainly wouldn't have chosen it for print. I DO have press pictures. Then, next to the picture, in the open mic listing, was the B.H Open Mic listing with outdated information, even though I've sent them the current details in my press queries.

So there was conflicting event listings within one inch of each other. Way to go, Current!

I wouldn't be so bitchy about it if there were more than four pages of content in The Current. Four pages of content is not hard to manage. You'd think that with all the real estate ads they have, they'd have enough money to hire a proof reader. Part time at least. I'd do it!

I worked on publications in college. I was editor in chief of a magazine, and was friends with both of the college's weekly newspapers, I had a column in one and hung out with the other, and we did a hell of a better job in college, as full time students with no journalism experience, than the Reporter does now.

Why doesn't the Reporter just become a Real Estate publication?

You'd think that with the Star Ledger going under, the New York Times pulling out of New Jersey, and the Jersey Journal totally sucking, and the fact that there's no event publication at all, the Reporter and Current might step up to the plate. But no.

Every city has to have a good local paper and event guide. If Jersey City wants to be taken seriously, it should get one.

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