Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deja vu! I'm unemployed again!

I quit my job last week. I didn't show up to work and sent them a letter of resignation. I know it was a little irresponsible, but I'd just made $3 on the day before. It was so slow they didn't need me, and I certainly didn't want to work for $0.30 an hour anymore. I still have to pick up my two last checks, and my nut job of an ex-employer wants me to cash them in the register otherwise they will bounce.

There were also a lot of gross problems, including mold, garbage, wasps, rodents, pink eye and sometimes fruit flies would get into my mouth while I worked because there was an infestation. Even I have my standards!

I'm looking for a job again. So far, I've just been asking my friends to hire me. You are probably thinking, "Melissa, you don't have any friends!" and you would be right, because none of them have hired me yet.

So I'm going to submit resumes to temp agencies tomorrow. I've already been rejected by one, which puzzled me and made me feel bad about myself, because they accept everyone. Maybe I'm not as great as I think. Maybe I'm so disorganized that I didn't send them a resume, I sent them a poem instead.

If you are my friend, please hire me. If you want me to work in your restaurant, I would prefer daytime shifts where I can make lots of money. Or you can hire me for a real girl job too. I'm good at typing.

I'm working on my website today. Twenty-first century, here I come!

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