Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hard Times on Hot Sauce Avenue

This is for all of you who RSVP'd to my taping on Friday. If not, you can go fuck yourself.

Thank you all for RSVPing to my fancy multi-media one-woman show video-taping for special people this Friday.

It makes my heart heavy and eyes watery to tell you that the show has been CANCELED due to technical difficulties. Well, the show has not really been canceled, merely delayed, and I will keep your RSVP for the future. The show will most likely premier in the Fall, and you will be the first to know.

What exactly was the technical difficulty? Well, it had to do with the crappiest computer in the world. My computer hates technology and ambitions. I ordered a new one, but there were shipping problems, and it's not going to get here for a while. Without multi-media, there is no show. Please don't be upset. Perhaps you can complain to NJSCA for having such a tight deadline.

Once again, thank you for RSVPing. I appreciate your support. And since you are all special people in my address book, I will email you video previews for Fall's show, and keep you on the guest list for then.

I wish you all good times on Hot Sauce Avenue.


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