Monday, July 14, 2008

Looking for a new venue for BabyHole

Yeah. Did I say that before? I'm looking for a new venue for BabyHole. Our season opening is supposed to be September 2nd, but I'd like to do a BabyHole Showcase for JC Friday on that Friday.

What am I looking for in a venue? One that will provide the sound equipment and booze and doesn't mind rock bands. Must be very close the the PATH train. People from New York are very cranky and get lost easily.

What will I do for you? I will book and host the show, promote and set up the space.

Why should your establishment have BabyHole? Because we packed Toy Eaters on a regular basis with thirsty audience and it is an asset to the community and the arts. It just may be the best comedy open mic in the New York area.

Why is BabyHole homeless? Because our last venue dissolved.

Email me at please.

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