Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BabyHole Awards! Nominate someone!

The BabyHole Awards will take place on Tuesday, September 16th.


Bright Lights Big City Award (Most Likely to Succeed)
Best Attendance Award
Creepiest Stand Up Award
Most Racist Award
Musical Pixie Award
Busy BabyHole Bee Award
Ms. and Mr. BabyHole Award

If you have any suggestions for award categories, you may make them.


Wanna nominate someone for a BabyHole Award? If you don't, The BabyHole Council will do it for you.*

All of these superstars are fair game to be nominated. The reason that they are fair game is because they've signed up for the open mic in the past year and haven't told me that they don't want an award.

Who doesn't want to be a winner? A loser, that's who.

If I've missed anyone, please let me know. I made up this list based on my memory. If you want to be taken off this list, let me know. I don't care if you want to be a loser.

Brian (I don't remember his last name. He has blonde hair and works in finance)
Ken (Ralph's room mate. I forgot his last name)
Erin Burke
Emily Faith
Tera Feigan
David W. Jacobson
Matt Jenkins
Matt Kelly
Pat Lamb
Jim Legge
Max Michaels
Sean O'Conner
Sean Patton
Saint Patrick
Sean Perlman
Scott Ragowsky
Ralph Santiago
Hugh Eric Shin
Verity Smith
Ryan Stevens
Sick Vic
Timmy Williams
Andrew Wright

*The BabyHole Council is me.

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