Friday, May 16, 2008

Temp Agencies, Here I Come! Watch Out!

The place I've been working in is going down the drain. Or, rather, the mouth hole, because they drink their bad business skills away. Seriously, when they feel bad about the place or their management skills, instead of acting pro actively or helping the staff in trouble, they drink to forget and/or party despite.

I bartend at a place that used to be super busy. But lately it's a mess. With each and every shift, I make about $20 less than I did the shift before. I almost walked out today, because I walked into such a mess. "I don't have to work like this," I thought to myself as I waited on dirty tables that were complaining about dirty table and bad service that weren't my responsibility. And I am all for taking on the restaurant's responsibilities, as long as the restaurant supports me, and I make a living wage. But it is out of controls!

My old motto was, "I hope I can stick through it long enough until the place goes out of business so I can get unemployment benefits." But I don't think this place will last that long. Poor me. Poor Melissa.

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