Sunday, May 4, 2008

In the general category of Pussiness...

I've met with Poetic Voices to discuss the details of the upcoming slaughter in BabyHole vs. Poetic Voices, and they are very frightened. In fact, they've already started cheating.

Originally, the competitors were supposed to get a topic a week in advance upon which to build a 5-minute set of both comedy and poetry. But apparently, the poets don't feel that a week is enough time, and three weeks isn't enough time either. They need a lifetime.

So we had to do away with the topics so that the poets wouldn't "Go outside their comfort zones." I think this is almost cheating. Now it's just going to be a five minute set of both comedy and poetry, and I know that they are already practicing in their mirrors.

I want one of the categories for the judges to score to be "Pussiness," but I don't think the poets will go for it.

The funny thing is, they are the reason for the show in the first place because I challenged them after they vandalized my fliers, came to my show and rioted, and spread rumors about me.

I've contacted the BabyHole team, and the general consensus is that they feel the poets are a bunch of "Punks" and "Baby Dicks."

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