Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Death by chocolate: fantasy come true, or just death?

So Dirty Dog OD'd on chocolate brownies Monday night while we were sleeping. I rushed him to the vet when he walked in zig zags and bumped into things. This is his update:

-He is still a little disoriented when he runs. Try to chase him! You will win this time.

-He is pooing charcoal. Barbecue, anyone?

-I tried to give him his meds. After 45 minutes, most of it was on the ceiling and in my hair. I tried some Dog Whisperer tricks, but I don't think they work unless you're Satan. By the way, I think that Cesar Milan is Satan.

-I have no money at all. I spent everything and my tax refunds ($6) on his chocolate poisoning.

-I am jealous of his chocolate poisoning.

I wish that I could OD on brownies, but that's just for the dogs!

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