Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reasons that I am not showing up for work this week:

I work at an Irish dive bar in Jersey City and I haven't shown up to work my last two shifts and am considering blowing tomorrow off too because...

-It smells weird and everything is broken.
-I made $9 at work last Saturday.
-Sometimes I work 11-hour-long shifts for no reason.
-I hate the deep fryer.
-Work seems to be optional at my job.
-Some cops are jerks and I want to throw beer in their faces.
-A woman's not allowed to work by herself, so I have to split my tips for no reason and make 50% less than a man.
-I don't get a shift pay, so I can't get fired because I was never hired.

And I need to finish my calendar. It'll probably make me as much money as my volunteer bar tending job, but at least some people respect it.

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