Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New York's Sixth Borough BLECH!

So I googled myself today and noticed I was listed on a blog called "New York's Sixth," which I think is to promote Jersey City to rich people to move in and waspify the city further.

If I wasn't from here I wouldn't be able to afford to move here.

Jersey City is not New York's Sixth borough. It's Jersey City. Jersey City natives are more New York than the jerks who move to New York and make fun of New Jersey. We still have our accents. No one who lives in Brooklyn has a Brooklyn accent anymore.

I wouldn't mind the rich people moving in to much if they would donate some money to my shows...and shoes. I have none. Also, I hear they think that I'm disgusting.


MCA said...

Ha ha, another ianmacfan! Priceless! Hey, come check out, Jersey City's Finest Community Forum.

Melissa Surach said...

Who the fuck is ianmacfan? Don't spam my blog about Jersey City finery.