Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Reading Series At Balance

I'm starting a reading series at Balance to showcase my humorous essays and poetry.

Mostly, they are filthy pieces with titles like, "Can I Marry Your Baby?" or "At Least It's Not Cervical Cancer," or "M is for Melissa, A is for Abortion."

The first one will take place on July 28th from 3-5 at Balance Salon World Of Style, 18 Eerie Street, in Jersey City, of course. I will also have a guest reader, in case you hate me.

The only problem I'm having is deciding on a name for it. So far, this is what I've come up with:

Newark Avenue Bard
Bleeding Grounds
Wonder Awe
Queen Leer
Sweet Face, Sour Puss
Serial Macist

I think that "Sweet Face, Sour Puss," is the funniest, plus it sounds like candy, but it also sounds really vaggie, like BlackHole, and too many people already think I'm a lesbian.

1 comment:

tris mccall said...

i vote for "crib death".