Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Noise Ordinance: Meat Heads VS. Art Fags

So, last week they cops were cracking down on entertainment licenses and almost shut my BlackHole show down.

And we know how many other events had to be cancelled because of the "entertainment license" scam.

Next week, Steve Fulop's new noise ordinance will take effect, and any establishment with audible music outside the perimeter after 11 on a weekday or midnight on a weekend will be in violation.

This includes bars with music, parties with music, live music, and sometimes, loud, angry comedians.

I just wonder if they'll enforce it as well as they do the youth curfew. Can't they spend their time patrolling the streets so that teenagers stop trying to mug me and sexually harassing me?

Since the schools suck, and there's nothing for them to do, these arts organizations are going to be the only things to keep the kids from stealing your cars and mugging yuppies.

Last year, I hosted a show at the Lex Leonard Gallery opening, and Steve Fulop was there, and I said I wanted to see him take off his clothes. And people complained about my comment, and said that it was offensive because he is a dignitary. Jersey City is so barbaric and backwards. It's free speech, retards. It's culture.


I think what's happening is the cops are freaking out about the crime, because so many rich people are moving in and poor people are being marginalized, and they don't know what to do, but they need to blame someone. So they're blaming "hippies," because they think it's 50 years ago.

I say blame the lazy police who aren't patrolling the street when they should be, and the class/race war that is developing in this shoddily planned, hyper-gentrification scheme.

Jersey City cops are just over grown meatheads picking on the scrawny art kids so they look tough.

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