Monday, July 16, 2007

Cuntalina, you little gremlin! Maybe you CAN be a star!

Some of you may know the girl I call Cuntalina. She has eyes like Scott Peterson, she looks like a gremlin, and she has a tiny eyebrow ridge like a caveman. Judy says she looks like she was born a preemie. She is also legally a dwarf, I think. She has no discernible talent except for going crazy for no reason. I believe she lives with her parents because, although she is 27, she is too crazy/stupid to hold a real job.

Anyway, if any of you have seen Hell's Kitchen, the girl Melissa, who got thrown off last week, was the red-headed version of her.

They have the same nasal voice and temperament and no one really likes either of them.

Also, Chef Ramsey called Melissa a gremlin repeatedly on the show, just like I do to Cuntalina in real life!

I wonder what happenned to Cuntie.

I'm not usually a catty girl. It's just that once, crazy Cuntie thought I was after her boyfriend. I used to host a show, and she told everyone that I was a boyfriend stealer, and she manipulated this teenager into thinking I was after her baby daddy and the teenager attacked me on stage and tried to rip out my nose ring.

I enjoy calling Cuntalina different variations of cunt or vagina. My favorite so far is Vagisil Medicated Wipes. Feel free to use it!

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