Monday, July 16, 2007

I am a human being, too

Over this weekend, three different men told me that they didn't know that anything wierded me, freaked me, or creeped me out. One even told me that he was glad to hear that I was put off by something because I guess he thought I was some kind of monster. I'm glad that I could enlighten retards to my subtle dimension of humanity.

My creative output into this world is different from my personal ideology. My writing and performance is what I make, not who I am. As a writer, I try to be fearless. As a person, I live in constant fear of many things.

These include:

1. A ghost waking me up at night and staring at me, even if it is Grandpa.
2. Criticism.
3. Bears.
4. Fish that need to be cleaned. They're gross.
5. Commitment.
6. Sobriety.
7. Cancers.
8. Scorpions.
9. Dying alone in poverty and being buried in a mass pauper's grave.
10. Race wars.
11. Rabies.
12. Squeezing a baby out of my tiny vag.
13. Herpes and other incurable STDs.
14. Sunburn.
15. Bad haircuts.
16. Child proof locks.
17. A ghost waking me up to give me advice, Grandpa.

And, most of all,


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