Monday, March 19, 2007

So I started a blog. Are you gonna kill me?

Well I didn't have a blog before because I thought that they were annoying and only conceited assholes had them. But then I realized that I am an asshole. That's why I have no friends and low self-esteem.

Right now it's called, "Juggling Babies" but I might change it to something more egotistical, like, "Melissa's Blog". I know it looks like the clap right now but it'll be nicer and more entertaining by the end of the week--I'll put up pictures of people who are of interest to you and tell you things that aren't really any of your business.

I'll try to post at least once a week, but it'll probably only be when my boss isn't looking. I don't have internet at home because Verizon has made a fool out of me so I have to do it all at work, where I make fools out of my superiors.

Now I am going to happy hour to drink $3 martinis by myself. It's lunch time.

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