Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jersey Journal

There's an article on me in the Jersey Journal today about my BlackHole show. It's on page 24, after a story about a furniture maker who has a cat. The article erroneously says that I'm the host. I'm the PRODUCER. It sounds better and pays less.

Also, in the picture my chin looks like an asshole and my eyes look too Polish. But it's a good article. However, I was disappointed that the one day I'm in the Journal there's no rape or shaft baby stories even though I told them details of my childhood.

I dropped "Juggling Babies" and changed the name of my blog to "Queen of Cups," but I think they both suck. Queen of Cups is my querent card in a Tarot Deck. According to my last reading, unfortunately I'm not dying soon, but there's this Queen of Wands slut who needs to stay away from my man, King of Cups. Spiritually, he's cheating on me but physically he doesn't exist. My boyfriend is a card and love is paper cuts and shaft babies.

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