Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sometimes I think I'm a Doctor

I've been drinking soy milk instead of cow's milk for several months now. I switched because it's healthier, it lasts longer so I don't drink curdled milk as much by accident, and I thought the estrogen would help me curb excess hair. I have a strong hair gene and sometimes the hairs make people uncomfortable.

I've lost 13 pounds, I'm starting to get hips, and my right boob got bigger. Hopefully the left one will catch up before I look ridiculous. I almost look like a teenager. I certainly dress like one! This look is affected by my clothes, which are mostly from highschool.

I've also taken to adding St. John's Wart to iced tea to curb my suicidal tendencies. It's been working pretty well. Commercials don't upset me and I don't get broken hearts from, say, Ghost Whisperer or Animal Cops, anymore.

Used consistemtly, it stabilizes my mood, and I haven't curled into a ball for two weeks, except for Friday, when three awful things happenned and my life fell into shambles. But I'm okay now. You can stop worrying about me, but I'd still like you to buy me drinks and I'd still enjoy your pity.

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