Friday, June 22, 2007

Abe Is Such A Fetus

And not only a fetus, but one of those retarded ones that should be destroyed. He's also gay.

Abe blew up at me last night in the street. I think what set him off was that I said something about him being dressed like a film industry loser. And he was.

He was wearing an oversized button down shirt with horses on it, unbuttoned over a T shirt, kind of like how people did 10 years ago. His pants were tight under the billowing shirt. And he was wearing big sunglasses on his head at 1:00 am in a bar.

I didn't even want to talk to him, but he kept on trying, and I was very drunk and he asked me to take a walk with him and smoke a blunt. So we started walking, and soon he was shouting awful things at me in the street and never even lit me up. Why are the Heights so white trash?

I can't believe I blew off this other guy to go for a walk with him. I'm such a stupid, awful person.

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