Monday, June 4, 2007

Thing's I've Done This Week

May 30th.

Last week's BlackHole on May 30th was the best one I've ever put on in Jersey City, and one of the best one ever in all time. I wanted to stuff it into my vagina and save it forever. This was the lineup:

Mike Burns
Sue Ball
Baron Vaughn
Stuckey and Murray
And I hosted.

I realized my keyboard is a mighty force to be reckoned with and I may be too weak to reckon with it. But, as long as I have my intern, my little sister Stephanie, and as long as my intern has my mom's car, I can barely do it.

I shot BlackHole for the first time. I haven't seen any of it yet and I don't know if anything is useable because the sound and light was questionable, but I plan on splicing some of that material in with sketches and other filler and making an episode out of it. But I don't have any pictures, so if you have some, can you send them to me?

June 1st.

Last Friday, June 1st, was JC Friday and I did Art House's Late Nite Curiosities show. I brought my keyboard and wore a costume. I was dressed like a corny tap-dancing eight-year-old who was kind of slutty and from the future. Here's the only picture I have. You can send me more if you have any. There was an angel on the stage with me that night.

It was a creepy variety show and the best show in Jersey City I've ever seen, besides my shows.

June 1st.

Also, on June 1st, I got a job. I'm a joke editor for website that I think sends spam and all the jokes are in the public domain, so they're really old and mostly about animals. I've edited about 250 jokes today. The most contemporary ones were about Elian Gonzalez and Monika Lewinsky.

June 2nd.

On Saturday I had a class graduation performance thing. Then I went to a Barbecue on Duncan Avenue with Judy. Patrick and Kate from Flaming Fire threw it. Judy was afraid to walk home with me because I'd forgotten to wear a bra that day and I had on a tube top and I was so white, but we got along okay. Then we watched TV reruns and I slept over Judy's, waking up early to get home to Dirtpie.

June 3rd.

I sat around getting used to my new job's interface. Then I slept over my parent's house because it was raining too much and Dirty won't walk in the rain.


Oh, and I made this for you, Abe.


Anonymous said...

ummm. who shot blackhole, one handed no less?

Anonymous said...

umm who shot blackhole? one handed no less?

Anonymous said...

ummm i am a retard and posted this twice, but i still have a gimp hand so please forgive me. when are we going to look at those tapes lady?