Friday, August 17, 2007

What is Death?

Sometimes living in Jersey City makes me question "What is death? Is it my neighborhood?" I will find out soon.

This week I'll be lucky enough to get out of Jersey City. And not a moment too soon! I had night terrors the other night that I was dying, which I think is a metaphor for my dreams in general.

I got fed up with the smallness of this neigborhood and/or my existence, and on Wednesday I decided to move to Vancouver. Unfortunately, I can barely afford PATH fare to New York once a week, so a flight to Vancouver is unfeasible at this time.

And I don't want to give up Dirt Pie the Empathy Dog, or Butterscotch the Wall Paper Gnawer. They wouldn't be allowed at the Youth Hostel I'd have to live in.

This week I'm going to North Carolina with my sister. Only Stephanie and I are going, because we have no friends. Since the town is a few miles away from the place we're staying at, we have to drive there, which means that either Stephanie and I have to go everywhere together, or one of us will be stranded.

Even though I'll have to talk to her the whole time, I'm just happy to get away.

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