Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Shittiest Childhood Awards...

...go to these girls, the youngest mothers in recorded history.

Notice that, besides the fact that most of them were molested by family members for prolonged amounts of time, most of them were also very poor, AND they got their periods when they were babies. NOW THAT'S A SHITTY CHILDHOOD.

I first found out about Lina Medina, who gave birth to a boy at the age of five, from my job, in their mother's day trivia section. The boy was raised as her brother. The boy probably WAS her brother.

I was shocked that such an obvious case of rape would be celebrated in a Mother's Day Trivia piece.

Henceforth, I will not complain about my relationship problems anymore.


Anonymous said...

So .... should I praise the meticulous welsh (Jimmy Wales) and industrious germans (Martin Sanger) (And all of them Americans, I'll add) for the creation of the first, or second, and arguably most comprehensive, and organic "open-source" general information nexuses available in the world (-wide net, i.e., Wikipedia)? ....

Or should I be repulsed by the extent to which the fascination, of some, for minutiae and classification, has inspired the documentation of such things as the world-record for youngest rape victims? Neither age 12, nor most certainly age 5, ever will be considered acceptable ages of "consent" for sexual intercourse. Further, as I can recall best, that, in the United States, there are laws against disclosing the names of child victims of sexual abuse. Not so here, on the web, particularly when the people are not currently living American citizens, whose lawyers (hired guns) are at-the-ready with itchy trigger-fingers.

But, when one writes and comment about it, or discusses or airs it (on television) it for the sake of the all-important 'academic'/'pursuit of breaking news', you're not REALLY responsible for doing the act, or contributing to a fascination (or fetish) .... Right?

I don't direct the underlying sarcasm of my comments at you; I'm glad to hear that reading such 'fascinating trivia' has given you pause, e.g., to comment on what your employer(s) find(s) to be newsworthy, or acceptable 'water-cooler discussion'; And .... the discussion of past relationships will continue to be helpful to you, and to others in similar, or contrasting, situations, however, especially if, in doing so, others can learn, and are inspired to reach out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, cute photos. You turned out just fine (and judy, as well). If only you saw MY driver's license photos. Also, am very curious about the Cuntalina 'back story' could you elaborate on that in future 'pieces'. Thanks.

Melissa Surach said...
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