Friday, August 10, 2007

Be The Fire, Not The Moth

I kind of stopped doing comedy stuff for a few weeks because I started hating fun.

Instead, I focused on drinking malt liquor, working on low-paying, shitty, freelance writing jobs, and thinking about life.

I got really disillusioned about stand up especially. It's always been the saddest form of comedy to me. It's not my favorite to do or watch. I like writing jokes, but I don't like repeating them over and over to a room full of people I hate.

Also, I wasn't writing anything but dick jokes last month because nothing else was funny to me. I had dick on the brain, which was a childish reaction to a broken heart lurking in my subconscious. Now that I realize that, when some dick joke makes me laugh, I'll just burn myself with a cigarette.

Anyway, I'll be producing a bunch of new shows in September. And I'm starting a bunch of projects and I'll have new sketch videos by October.

Things go slowly when you have no money.

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Louis James said...

Poverty is the mother of creation.