Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thanks, BabyHole, you're the bestest!

Thanks to everyone for coming to BabyHole's season finale on Tuesday. God certainly did not want us there, and he sent a major heat wave followed by a thunderstorm with hail and mini tornadoes. Typical omnipotent man.

Toy Eaters had two air conditioners, two industrial fans, and two window fans, but it was still about 90 degrees inside, much cooler than I thought it would be. I tried to salvage the crowd with a last minute scheme of making it a bathing suit party, but no one wore a bathing suit but me. I was going to bring a kiddie pool, but I feared that people would just get electrocuted by it or the floor would cave in.

Regardless, I was such a lucky girl, because two of my favorite bands, The House of Leaves and The Meltdowns, and one of my favorite comedy people, Diane O'Debra, were there to help us party. All of the open mikers that night gave their best performances of the season. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have a show, and I hope that next season I can continue to provide them with one of the best open mic audiences in the metropolitan area.

Afterwards, I stopped by The Lamp Post and Lucky 7, where people bought me drinks and gave me accolades. I woke up the next day with a wicked PBR and cheap vodka hangover, and wasn't functional until the mid afternoon. But it was worth it.

My next project is Melissa Hot Sauce, my multi-media one-woman show next month. It's invitation only, so if you want to be invited, you have to email me. I got the idea for the title when I was eating a falafel with extra hot sauce. I love hot sauce.

We already started shooting the video. Next week we're recording the music. Kayt Hester Lent is doing the set. Kerri Pussy Knife will make an appearance, too. It's for my NJSCA Fellowship application. I really hope I get it. I don't want to work for drunk people anymore.

Then, after that's over on July 15th, I'll start working on the 2009 calendar. This year it'll be done by November, I swear!

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