Friday, June 20, 2008

About that grant I want...

So I went to the grant writing workshop last night, and I was told that no one has won an interdisciplinary performance fellowship in 6 years. Part of this must come from the confusion about what exactly interdisciplinary performance is, partly because there weren't enough applicants in past years so all applications have rolled over, and partly because NJ artists are out of their minds (in a bland way), but regardless, I must change the format of the Melissa Hot Sauce show on the 11th.

Think of the show on the 11th as a sneak peek at Melissa Hot Sauce, and you will be one of those privileged few witnesses, and also, you get to be a part of the video taping! Plus, I'm giving everyone shots of my home-made infused vodka at the start of the show. I swear it's not poison.

Originally, I was going to run the entire 35 minutes of the multi-media one woman show, but instead I'll just be focusing on the parts of the show where I interact with media. There will still be a video intro, dancing and singing, and Kerri Pussy Knife, but I'm doing this show for the sake of the fellowship application, so there might be some retakes and stuff, so the video looks really good when I send it in.

I'll have a full run of Melissa Hot Sauce in the fall or winter. I might wait until I get the results of the awards so that I can put more money into it and make it really spectacular. Unfortunately, that won't be until January.

Wish me luck.

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