Thursday, June 26, 2008

Someone besides my parents thinks that I'm a disappointment

I waited out to hear from other literary agents before I signed the contract I was offered. I got my final rejection yesterday from an agent who sells humor. She said that the chapter I sent her was a disappointment. She probably wants me to go to teachers college, like my parents keep nagging me to do.

I guess I'll let that one agency that likes me know that I'll be signing on.

I just don't want to wait tables anymore.

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Auntie Sadie's Mischief & Nonsense said...

Live taping! Awesome. can I rsvp and sweat your blog at the same time? I vow not to drink all the vodka-- if it's ten days from now, maybe i can have a sip... I don't want to end up curled up in the corner with the camera man's boom and miss the show. i'll bring beach balls.. oh wait, that was the other party.
if it's any consolation, i think you're the opposite of disappointing. I think your brand of stank is beyond refreshing. NY1 could definitely use some indecent exposure. -erin marie p.s. Far out news on the manuscript; I would demand that any forthcoming venue contract includes mandatory non-toxic snacks for doggy... My cat tiger loves Q-tips, but she doesn't eat them; I thought about affixing some to the wall for her, so she could do whatever with them, but so far they are only employed to clean the poop and stuff from her hussy little scrapper of a cat nose.