Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reading should be silent

So I was going to get my head shots done today. There were gonna be roses and meaningful glances, but I was called into working an art thing in Hoboken.

On my way to work, a teenager driving a minivan full of small children called me a fat bitch. I turned to approach the van, shouting, "What the hell is wrong with you?" when he sped off, to go around the block and back around to shout more things at me. I think he told me to "Get a dick." If only!

I was confused when I got to work. I thought I'd be handing out free wine or champagne, but instead I worked out of a million dollar restaurant that had been abandoned around September (as I concluded from what I found in the kitchen). Someone put a million dollars into this space, and then just walked away from it. The liquor stock alone was thousands of dollars. The speed racks had over $200 worth of alcohol. I've never worked at a bar that's had more than $20 worth. A drink of Louis XIII cost $115.

The evening culminated with a play reading. Play readings are like plays but more boring. I never realized how many words plays have. They sure do have a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Melissa
this is Auntie Phyllis - I just found your blog - I was taking some down time and work and inputed my name and state to see if Google would give any information about me. Nothing about me but their you were. I have to put this into my favorites. I want to see your show!!!