Sunday, April 13, 2008

Greetings from my mass email!

This is what my last mass email read.

No Pasaran! Killtown! Punching Poets!

Thank you for being my friends. Now you can be friends with BabyHole too! Be friends NOW.

The next BabyHole is going to be super.

BabyHole Open Mic
Stand up, sketch, musical comedy, etc.

Band: No Pasaran!
Comedian: Brooke Van Poppelen. Brooke won the title of Ms. Killtown during the Ms. Killtown contest. If you saw it, you know how bad ass she is.
Host: Me, Melissa Surach

Last time got a little rowdy, so this week we have Donna and Jenna working security. I'm going to make them shirts and penises for Tuesday.

Plus, we're holding another Sausagefest Contest. The first woman to sign up for the open mic gets champagne. From what I hear, the competition is going to be pretty fierce this time around.

Tuesday, April 15th
Doors and sign up @ 8
$5 suggested donation
One block from Grove Street PATH Station

Toy Eaters Studio
2nd Floor
143 Christopher Columbus Drive
Jersey City, NJ

Also, I've finally challenged those pesky poets to a superiority battle!

BabyHole vs. Poetic Voices
Wednesday, May 21, 8 pm
Toy Eaters Studio

As you may know, the poets have been vandalizing BabyHole fliers, rioting at BabyHole, spreading terrible rumors about BabyHole, and vexing BabyHole in general. So I'm going to round up some comedians to punch them with aggressive words. My boyfriend has already told me that this is the worst idea for a show ever and that he doesn't want anything to do with it. He sounds like my dad!

Each comedian will be pitted against a poet, and both have to do a comedy thing and a poem based on a topic given in advance. There's also an improv round (don't blame me, that was PV's idea).

The winning team gets a case of beer, the winning performer will get a better prize.

If you hate poetry, or if you'd like to be a comedian on the BabyHole team, email me or stop by BabyHole.

Thank you!
Melissa Surach


PS If you'd like to be taken off of this email list, please let me know. I'm not a mind reader!

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