Thursday, April 17, 2008

The last thing Jersey City needs is more rich people.

Dear Rich People,

Please stay in New York and act like jerks.


This is an email I got from Le Arsenal, the videographer who does BabyHole's videography sometimes.

Last week, the City Council approved Toll Brothers amendments to the Powerhouse Arts District Redevelopment Plan. They are now permitted to demolish 3 historic warehouses and a cobblestone street and build a couple 300+ ft towers in their place. They have also been relieved of all affordable housing requirements. The city rolled over and gave Toll Brothers everything they wanted and now we get a few more luxurious faceless skyscrapers to add to our growing collection. Its a huge bummer in so many different ways, I wont go into it all right now. Just know that the "domino effect" that we were assured wouldn't be caused by the destruction of 111 is very much in full effect.

The Good News? The Powerhouse Arts District Neighborhood Association is hosting a fund raiser next Saturday, April 26th for their legal fund at 150 Bay Street (8pm - Midnight). American Watercolor Movement, Tremble In The Heat and The Meltdowns are all playing. There is also a DJ, an art exhibition and free food and booze from LITM, Skinners Loft, Madame Claudes, Star Bar and many more. The City Council may try and bum us out, but we're gonna eat, drink and dance while we raise money to sue 'em. Dig it.

Tickets are $40, but if you act now you can come get down for the low low low price of $20. Thats all in. Leave your wallets at home (but maybe bring some $1's to tip your bartender and your check book to bid on art in the exhibition).

Go to to get your tickets. Online tickets sales end on Monday.

But wait, THATS NOT ALL!

For those of you who weren't there, I put together a video of the City Council meeting that you can view here. Many people talk about how corrupt JC politics is - well here's your chance to see it in action, in the flesh, in all of its shameless glory. Truly remarkably absurd. As Councilman Steve Lipski says "Its called democracy in action".

Thank you for your time, hopefully I'll see yous next Saturday, and please forward this to your friends.

The more people dancing the better.

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