Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Last Night's BabyHole

Last night, Roland Ramos's band opened the show with some reggae The Undoings closed the show while everyone rocked out. The open mikers were really good. I also read my new essay, "Why I am the Worst Comedian." I'm going to do it at Art House on Thursday too.

Everyone almost had a good time but...there were some pimples. We will be expanding the expulsion policy at BabyHole.

Apparently, the poets who live in GRAF (is that the stupid acronym? Who cares.) are really upset that the open mic doesn't allow poetry, and they came out to riot. One of them got thrown out.

They think that because BabyHole is supposed to be funny, it's anti-free speech or something. Grow up, Jersey City. Can't you sophisticate your creative pursuits? Must we be urban faux-hemian rednecks?

Also, there were some dicks in the audience who looked 18 and really short and virginy complaining that open mic wasn't funny while standing next to me. In the future, if you do that, you will be asked to leave. Go back to hang out in your mom's basement.

More than one person has commented that there was a misogynist theme last night. We will have none of that, especially if you can't make a good "women are dumb" joke.

This is not the open mic atmosphere we want. Neither I nor Toy Eaters will allow it.

I don't live in poverty and receive hate mail on a fairly regular basis to provide the only comedy show in Jersey City that you won't get shot at for nothing, and if you don't respect that, don't come to my show.

That said, come to the next BabyHole on February 19th, the only open mic in Jersey City for comedy ever, and the best show in Jersey City.


RS3 said...
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RS3 said...

Melissa, Ryan and I had to leave after our sets and you know we never do that. Those fuck-o's really ruined the night for the real Open Mic'ers. Some dude in a transformers mask almost got his face transformed for calling Ryan "Dane Cook" Man that's harsh shit. So Ryan and I had a thought, that next time they have a show we are gonna crash it..and be really obnoxious. then again we more or less will be to lazy. fuck the poets right in thier fuckin emo-I wanna be Black, we have poetry slams ears...right in them.

Louis James said...

How'd you attract such heat?

Comedy + Poetry = Chaos!