Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, would you like some fleas?

The good news is that the cat is out of the ceiling and there are no dead kittens stuck in the wall. Also, her nose is less crusty, and she's now beige instead of gray, and she lets us pet her. The bad news is that I'm pretty sure the cat is still pregnant, and her foot is deformed. However, we still don't know if she has cat HIV.

My sister is going to keep her unless someone claims her and we've been fighting over what to name her. I know it should be her decision, but her names are so stupid I almost slapped her.

Nikki's Names:
Annie (which I originally came up with as a compromise over Kitty)

Melissa's Names:
Rainbow Face

She likes to eat string.

Here, she's saying, "Yes, I like to play with balls. And would you like some fleas as well?"

She has to sit like this because of her belly full of kittens and gross foot.

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