Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Biergarten

Congratulations to me, I just got married!

Thanks everyone. Feel free to send me presents. I just got married to Zeppelin Hall, the new beer garden in my neighborhood, which, coincidentally, is also where we're registered.

Zeppelin Hall is extremely reasonably priced, completely unpretentious, and has lots of sausage. However, it recently opened, and of course, is working out some kinks. So here are my suggestions.

1. Take down the fence so that I can stare at strangers on the Light Rail as they pass by, and also, Lady Liberty's butt.

2. More fake houses. Can I live in one? It'll just be for pretend. But seriously, can I live there?

3. Please add a beach. Just dig it out of the harbor. Oh god, I want a beach so bad I started burrowing out under the fence towards the river. I got you started. Just finish. If every patron at Zeppelin Hall just clawed a few feet out every day, I'd get my beach in no time.

4. PLEASE ADD ANIMATRONIC GERMANS. I love robots, especially when they wear lederhosen. They don't need to sing or dance, but they could.

5. More noise. The people who bought condos in Liberty Harbor deserve it.

As I've state above, what I want most of all are Bavarian robots. All of my friends and my dog agree.

But besides that, I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

I love you, Zeppelin Hall.

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Louis James said...

Yes, robots would be nice.