Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stop being a jerk.

Dear MTA,

You are a jerk. Several months ago, after a very long work day, I rushed to get to class on time. But when I tried to refill my card, your stupid machine ate my money.

I spent the next half hour trying get the machine open to retrieve my money. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal, except that all the other machines were broken, as well as my trust in you.

The Port Authority agents were very helpful and attentive after the initial 10 minutes while they watched me scramble around in panic from a distance. I couldn't jump the turnstile because it was rush hour, and the wave of immigrants in the opposite direction was very aggressive, and also, the agents were watching me with their soulless eyes.

The agents stayed with me while they found the officer who had complaint forms. He was diddling around somewhere. Finally, I was given a number to call so that I could fill out a form via phone. However, I think that the man who tele-filled it for me made a mistake, because today I got a letter, 2 months later, that you found my claim to unsubstantiated, unless I provide a receipt. I do not have a receipt because the machine was broken and I filled out the complaint form over the telephone, so I don't have a copy. Neither did you send me one so I can verify the details. I don't remember the exact date, or machine number, so you can go fuck yourself.

I hate you and hope that you die. I plan on buying a rowboat for my commuting needs from now on.


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Anonymous said...

Meliissa Surach, you are my hero.