Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My blog's most popular keywords

My blog's readers must have tons of guilt, nipples in their armpits, and open sores.

The majority of them read it from Newark. A close second is New York. Verity has read it at least 86 times. My mom has only read it maybe 6 times. Let's try to make that 0 next year, mom.

Over the past year, my blog's most popular keywords have been: Melissa Surach, Surach, Ghetto Trash, Butt Cast, Butt Pillow, and Pornographic Pictures.

Over the past month: Melissa Surach, Surach, Ghetto Trash, Hoboken Noise Ordinance, and Melissa Surach Cover.

Over the past week: Melissa Surach, Surach, Tiny Vag, "Flaming Fire" "Patrick," and "Richard Kirkwood" Jersey City.

Over the past 24 hours: Buy Clams Casino, Melissa +Surach, Melissasurach, My Last Myspace Survey, and Myspace Survey Masturbate.

Other popular search keywords included Open Sores Pictures, Girl's Armpit Stubble Pictures, and BabyHole.

Ones that made me think about my content were Armpit Nipple, Cuntalina, Melisa Little Mutt, Testicular-Poetry, Where is my life going?, Peed in my Hair, Two Pounds of Cheese, Abortion Pics of Babies, Acne Versus Herpes on Face Pictures, Baron Vaughn is an Asshole, Can a dog get HPV?, Fear of Saran Wrap, Flies on Ethiopian Faces, Dread Pussy, Ghetto Puss, Horrible Smell in Pants, Herpes Guilt, Nut Butt, Scabby Dog Nipple, and there were also tons of Blood Blisters inquiries.

This is probably the kind of blog post that is only interesting to me.


adam said...

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Vrdzz said...

86 times?! How can that be? Im hard at work all day every day with absolutely no time to surf the internets! Ok, thats not true. Not only am I a lazy worker that surfs the web all day hoping that people update their blogs so I can do something for 2 minutes, but Im also a liar.