Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry Christmas, Clams Casino!

Well this week the ecny awards nominees came out and I thought that a bunch of them were crap. Especially for flier design, but also for most of them. I still voted.

This month I've been taking it easy doing shows so I can finish working on my calendar. It's been very slow going, and I've been accused of being lazy. It's not just that, it's because I live below the poverty line and I can't buy all the props. YOU KNOW PUSSY'S EXPENSIVE!

Another problem I have is that it's hard to shoot outside in 25 degrees in cheap, stained, ripped underwear when you're halfway sick. Poor people have chronic illnesses you know.

The Melissa Surach 2008 Calendar Release Party is scheduled for January 8, 2007 at Toy Eater's. The new calendar's half-sized, so it'll be cheaper than last year's. It will have more writing--it's going to be a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.

I'm really excited for Christmas. My boyfriend and I are going to Atlantic City. I've never been there before. I want to gape at the prostitutes. Remember when they had that serial killer last year?

ATLANTIC CITY.(It wouldn't let me embed.)

(It would only let me embed this one which does not express the despair of the soul and dilapidation of cultural centers that is the New Jersey spirit as accurately.)

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