Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dr. Melissa

What should I prescribe myself?

I found my mom's prescription pad on the counter. She's a nurse practitioner. She must really trust me. Or more likely, she knows I have no money.

Since I haven't had health insurance in 4 years, I don't remember how to do prescriptions. But I'm thinking about prescribing something like physical therapy or that pink penicillin medicine. Or a liver transplant.

This week I'm house sitting at my parent's and the dog, La La, is very annoying and ill trained. She likes to stab me in the stomach with her pointy feet.

This is a picture from when I tried to put her in the drier. I think she liked it.
There's a date on is because my parents thinks it's cool to put incorrect dates on pictures.


Billy Gray said...

pain pills = resale value

Melissa Surach said...

No, I'd rather have a prostheses.