Monday, May 28, 2007

Top 200!

I googled "Surach" to see if there was any porn named after me and found out that I placed in the top 200 for a screenplay contest I entered over a year ago, when I thought my life was going nowhere. I was right. I almost ate a rat for breakfast today.

I entered with a short comedy named La Poseure Preciouse and figured I was just a loser.

I was right, but only by 199. This is the proof. If you scroll all the way down and squint your eyes, you might see my name misspelled as Melisa Surach.

I'm now googling different permutations of the letters of my name in case anyone owes me money.

Google insisted I search for Melissa Crouch instead. I did and this is what she looks like:

We have the same complexion.

1 comment:

trismccall said...

there's no porn named after me, either. very disappointing.