Thursday, January 15, 2009

My broken computer

Do you know how much it sucks to bring a 25-pound computer to the Mac Store on 5th Avenue and 58th Street in New York when you don't have a car and hate people in general? I do. And it sucks a lot.

First of all, the cab driver was very rude and never even helped me with the computer and farted in the cab on the way there. The ride ended up costing $50 with tolls and tip, which he demanded, even though he refused to let me off directly in front of the Mac Store. And his fart lingered for about 20 minutes.

After almost dropping the computer on the curb because I'm out of shape from basically being voluntarily bed ridden, and swarmed by pasty tourists, I got to the Mac Store and the elevator was broken. So I carried the computer down the stairs, while throngs of people rushed at me rudely.

It was very crowded. I think that there were tourists inside there just looking at the store. The concierge made me wait a long time even though I had an appointment and she didn't seem to be doing anything. And there were tons of stupid people there who needed help putting contacts on their iphones or updating playlists on their ipods. What a waste of space.

Anyway, the computer had to be there for a week or two.

So I guess I lied when I said that my public access show would be ready by January. I got really sick last week, and now my computer will be in the shop for a week or two. So hopefully, by February, it'll be ready to premiere.

And I'll be at Balance giving away Tarot card readings with calendar purchases again this Saturday.

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