Thursday, January 22, 2009

Get out of my life, Mercury!

Last week almost everything in my house broke, including my phone, computer and internet. Then I found out that Mercury was in retrograde. Some people (weirdos) think that when Mercury goes into retrograde, communications and technology breaks down. Usually, I think that people who blame a planet for ruining their lives are stupid and irresponsible. And maybe that was true with me for not paying bills on time, but also, Verizon's cable went out and no one would fix it, and a media card burnt out.

Things are back to normal now (although Mercury will be in retrograde until February 14th, so who knows what else will fall on my house). So I can go back to working on my public access show now.

I'm looking for locations to shoot my sketches in. My house looks like garbage, and so do all of my friends', and I have no money to offer, but I'll do your dishes, and the shoot will only last a few hours.

I need a living room that looks like a family lives there. Most of my friend's living rooms look like dorm rooms, but with cheaper furniture, and my parent's house is a dump too.

And I need a coffee shop, or something I can make look like a coffee shop.

Email me if you want to help me or if you are my real friend.


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