Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BabyHole Awards

Last night's awards ceremony was lots of fun. Thanks to all the five people who came. Here are the results:

Bright Lights Big City: Matt Kelly
Most Racist: Hugh Eric Shin
Most Latino: Ralph Santiago
Ms. BabyHole: Emily Faith
Mr. BabyHole: Ralph Santiago
Busy BabyHole Bee: Ralph Santiago
Creepiest Stand Up: Ralph Santiago
Best Abandoner: Emily Faith
Best Attendance: Rojo (Ralph Santiago won too many awards)

Also honored was:

Ben Lerman, for being the first BabyHole featured performer ever.
The Poconos, for being the first real band BabyHole had.
The House of Leaves, for performing the most BabyHoles out of every band.

I made the BabyHole Awards out of baby figurines, canned food, gold spray paint and hot glue. They were very cute. All of the fingers on my left hand are still gold from the paint.

Norm Francouer (for lighting)
Max Michaels (for his outstanding performance at BabyHole VS Poetic Voices)
Joe Condiracci (for being a bartender and setting up the PA for us)
Ralph Santiago (I don't remember why I gave him one)

Golden Nipples were given out to people who do good jobs and nice things for BabyHole.

The crowd was small but the enjoyment was large. In fact, it was one of the smallest crowds in BabyHole history. Most of the people who were nominated didn't show up. They missed out. It was a lot of fun. Ben Lerman even did an encore. He's the best musical comedian ever, I think.

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