Friday, March 7, 2008

The Weiner of the BabyHole Sausagefest Contest is...

Last Tuesday, Any Day Parade was kind enough to grace BabyHole with their fantastic talent as the featured band. Later, in the show, Rosie Rebel did a burlesque dance. She forgot to shave before the show, but then remembered in the middle of her set.

In between, not one, but TWO women signed up for the open mic. But don't worry. No one wrestled (this time). I called up Christina Cruz, who gave me a the best and only haircut I've gotten in a year, to be the judge, but she had already left. So her neighbor, Jayne, came up instead.

It was a tense competition, and everyone wanted the prize: A pack of nudie playing cards from 1987 that I got in Atlantic City where all the men are obviously Eastern European and probably communists. Jayne even tried to steal it.

We had to choose between Tera Feigan and Emily Faith. It was all up to Jayne as the deciding factor. I asked everyone to choose a number between 1 and 10. Jayne chose 3. Tera chose 9, but Emily chose 7.

Thus, the weiner of the Babyhole Sausagefest Contest is Emily Faith.

Next BabyHole, on March 18th, is Trivia Night.

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