Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Winners of Killtown

Thanks to everyone who came out to the BabyHole Halloween Extravaganza. It was a great open mic, and the featured comedians were hilarious and made me miss BlackHole. I hope that someday I can bring it back to Jersey City. Maybe we should start writing to Senators or something on BlackHole's behalf.

The comedy hour featured Rosie Rebel as a crackhead wearing a garbage bag and carrying toilet paper, Hamilton Morris, Brooke Van Poppelen, and Eric Andre as the 160-year-old jazz musician, Jasper "Slide Tooth" Witherson.

I hosted as Sylvia Browne promoting my new book, Is Your Computer Psychic? Rustin Dwyer dressed up as Montel Williams and introduced me.

Thanks especially to Brooke and Galina who brought the Ms. Killtown Competition to a new level by adding physical violence.

Here are the winners of the Killtown Competiton:

Ms. Killtown: Brooke Van Poppelen
Mr. Killtown: Ralph Santiago

Thanks to Another Man's Treasure, Balance, Simple Cafe and Peter Surach for providing the prizes.

If anyone has pictures of the wrestling match, please email them to me at I will post them as soon as possible.

If anyone has pictures of me at all, email them. I don't have any because a ghost broke my camera.

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