Monday, November 12, 2007

I won a contest!

Well, I got 2nd runner up, so I won over the 3rd runner up, but I lost to the 1st runner up and winner.

I entered my poster "The Best Girls Kill Themselves in Jersey" to New Magazine's cover competition and got second runner up. In it I'm wearing ragged underwear in front of the embankment and staring defiantly.

I am quite shocked that I am even featured in a magazine for yuppies and their families.

It's free so you can pick up a copy and see me in it. There's a page with my entry on it. It says, "Melissa Surach. Comedian and blogger." (Who's not a blogger?)

Anyway, the poster itself is on sale. It's 24" by 36" mounted on Gator board. The photo was taken by Doug Ensel. You can contact me if you'd like to buy it.

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