Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Maxwell's is so dick.

Sunday was the Daniel Knepp Memorial Scholarship Benefit Concert at Maxwell's. I was the first act confirmed and had been booked for over two or three months. The lineup included me, Melissa Surach, The Coffin Daggers, Billy Pilgrim, and WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice.

However, the person in charge put everyone on the schedule except me, even though there's space, and despite repeated attempts by the promoters to rectify the print and online schedules, I was never added.

I circled the entry in green on this flier:

Because of this mistake, I didn't get the same treatment as the other performers, i.e. drink tickets and a meal. In the end my meal was comped, but I didn't get drink tickets like the other performers did.

Further complications ensued. The sound lady didn't believe that I was even booked. She thought I was some crazy lady trying to give her a cd, and had to confirm with the promoters.

But the worst part was yet to come. I was told that because I was never put on the schedule, my time was never alloted for. So they made me go on BEFORE the show started. I played to a crowd of 6 people from the other bands in a room that fits 200. My set ended around the time the show started and two minutes later a crowd filed in.

What was even more obnoxious was that the band that was supposed to go on after me because there wasn't enough time was made to wait a half an hour. So I could have gone on when the show had actually started after all.

Many audience members were disappointed that they'd missed me, and the promoters agreed that I should have gone on last when there was a full audience.

It was the worst show that I've done in a long, long time. I don't know why I was never included on the schedule, despite repeated attempts by the promoters, if it was an honest mistake or not. But if I made Danny's Fund any money, it was worth it. I did the show for Danny, not Maxwell's.

I hope that it's not because I used to wait tables at Maxwell's until I got hate mail for BlackHole and then I got fired two weeks later for supposedly receiving a record number of customer service complaints because of my "bad attitude," because that would be the stupidest and most petty thing I've ever encountered.

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